i'm belle. i like disney, the beach and old music and i will always believe in peter pan ♥
i'll always believe in you, peter pan xo
hello beautiful! my name's belle, i'm 17 and way down deep inside i've got a dream to work for disney as a face character. i made this blog to share with you the beautiful, magical, unbeatable thing that is Disney and to remind you not to grow up too fast and to hold onto things from your childhood because life goes too fast. I follow back all Disney blogs. I love all my followers so please talk to me about anything.  dreamers dreaming.

disney face character challenge - merida and shooting arrows

(not my pictures)

The Mad Hatter in the Disney parade! 

Snow White in Germany at Epcot

sad but true:( 

credit goes to meeeeeee for the picture so there’s something to be happy about cause it’s alright aint it :D

disney face character challenge - tinkerbell and pouts/kisses *mwah!*

disney face character challenge - peter pan and being silly! 

disney face character challenge - snow white and children

Disney Rainbow Challenge - colour: blue

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Disney Rainbow Challenge - colour: pink.

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Disney Rainbow Challenge - colour: red.

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Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee, Alice and the Queen of Hearts