Going to do a musicals challenge!


I’m going to do a musicals challenge including both on stage and on screen musicals with the choices voted for by my followers. 

It was inspired by x 

[5] Movie Musicals
[5] Stage Musicals
[5] Favorite Female Characters
[5] Favorite Male Characters
[5] Favorite Relationships
[5] Favourite Duets
[5] Favorite Female Solos from musicals
[5] Favourite Male Solos from musicals
[5] Favorite on-screen Actresses
[5] Favorite on-stage Actors
[5] Favorite on-stage actors
[5] Favorite on-stage actresses

Send me your favourite musicals that have been featured on the big screen. The 5 most popular will win! 


LETSTALKABOUTDISNEY IS 3 TODAY. Very grateful to all my lovely followers and blessed to have made some wonderful friends during my time on here. Xxx

The fairies:  Go on!
The fairies:  Kiss her!
The fairies:  Just kiss her!
Me:  There
Me:  You see her
Me:  Lying there on a bed
Me:  She don't got a lot to say
Me:  Because she's
Me:  Dead
Only in their dreams can men truly be free.
- Robin Williams, Actor and comedian (July 21st 1951 - August 11th 2014)
Rest in paradise and freedom