i'm belle. i like disney, the beach and old music and i will always believe in peter pan ♥
i'll always believe in you, peter pan xo
hello beautiful! my name's belle, i'm 17 and way down deep inside i've got a dream to work for disney as a face character. i made this blog to share with you the beautiful, magical, unbeatable thing that is Disney and to remind you not to grow up too fast and to hold onto things from your childhood because life goes too fast. I follow back all Disney blogs. I love all my followers so please talk to me about anything.  dreamers dreaming.


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~~My Answers~~

1. If you could go to any of the Disney Parks, which one would you want to go to?

Magic Kingdom and Epcot in the Orlando Resort are my very favourites! 

2. Favorite Disney Romantic Scene?

It’s got to be the lantern scene from Tangled. It is literally breath-taking. Little details like the way that the lantern Rapunzel’s pushes back up is the one the king and queen released and the way they look at each other and the very start when she’s placing the flowers on the lake and sees the reflection of the lantern in the water and goes all goofy and nearly tips the boat up and the way that Flynn could have just walked into the village with her and watched it there but he thought about it and made it so special by taking her out on the boat. It’s just magical and the song is pure beauty.

3. Favorite Princess of Walt’s Original Three?


4. The Lion King or Frozen?

Omg! That’s really hard but I’m gonna say Frozen. The music pushes it just that little bit higher. 

5. Do you prefer the Beast as a beast or in his human form?

Well we get to know him as the beast and when he’s human at the start, he’s an arse, so i’m gonna say beast hehe

6. What is you favorite non-Disney movie?

Les Miserables 2012.

7. If you could wear any of Disney Princesses Ball Gowns, which you you pick?

Whoa that’s like asking a mother to pick her favourite child. It’s got to be either Cinderellas or Belle’s

8. If you could rewrite any Disney movie ending, which would it be and how would it end?

The fox and the hound cause todd and vixey would go home with widow tweed and copper and todd would be besties again 

9. Which Disney movie did you watch over and over as a kid? Do you have any memories connected to the movie?

Beauty and the Beast and Peter Pan. I always remember dancing around my room to Tale as Old as Time. And also sneaking out of bed at like midnight to sit on my window bed and my mom used to find me there asleep every morning. One time she came into my room at 3 and I was asleep there and she picked me up to put me back to bed and I said “Put me back I’m waiting for Peter Pan.” aww 

10. Which two Disney characters, from two different movies, do you think would be best friends?

Lottie and Giselle cause they’re both excitable and princessy and cute 

11. If you could say anything to Walt Disney, what would you say to him?

Thank you

Thank you very much for tagging me, i’ll think of some questions and make my post later :)